Make songs directly on the Pedal

Has there been any consideration to have the ability to create and save a song directly on the pedal, independent of BB manager?

Let’s say you discovered an existing BB song that’s perfect for your song and you want to remember it. It would be nice to be able to duplicate and save it with a custom name directly on the pedal. I realize the current workflow depends on the BB Manager, but I can see the usefulness of this option while you’re in the middle of playing music and want to capture an idea you later bring into the BB manager to work on.

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Thanks for the request but this is not gonna be a feature of the BB, a cool idea though!

Thanks Brennan. I appreciate your response. I didn’t think the post would get much attention since the focus on song creation is with the manager. It was one of those things that occurred to me while I song writing and looking for a matching beat and thought it would nice to be able to save a copy of the beat to a personal song folder. Or, even the ability to bookmark/fav a beat on the pedal I could refer to later. If it’s a cool enough idea, maybe mention to the project/dev team and let them shelf it for a rainy day. I’m sure they are focusing on higher priorities. Thanks again.