Making A Set List From Downloaded Content - Problems

I have recently started diving deeper in to adding in my own set list from all of the song files I need from this forum. I have a few questions:

1.) How can I identify which songs are controllable song parts with fills vs whole linear songs? I only want to use beats that I can control the parts similarly to the preset beats on the BB?

2.) Some of the songs I have downloaded do not play at all or if they do play cannot be stopped with a double tap. Am I missing something?

3.) Some of the songs mention having bass but all I hear is a “video game” like bass sound. Do I need to download other instrument files or drum files?

4.) Can I make my own beats in EZ Drummer 2 and port them in to the BB? Again, I dont want whole songs but rather controllable beats with fills if possible.

If there is a sticky I missed that explains some this, please let me know. I did do a search but I missed it if its here.

Thank you!

  1. Default content is all multi-part; most, but not all songs posted to the forum are one-press variants (DOP, OPB and OPBk) and are identified as such by the poster. For example, in my posts, I identify the type of song (DOP, OPB and OPBk) and the kit that I crafted the song to use.
  2. Some user-created songs require a double-tab to start—usually those with the MIDI in the Outro section. Songs that won’t stop with a double-tap could be because the user has not included a NIL/NULL/Empty MIDI in the Outro.
  3. You need to download, unzip, use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to import and then activate the drum set that was used to craft the song. You’ll have to read the user guide to learn how to do so.
  4. You can make beats using EZD2 but you have to map them to the drum instruments available in the BBM. I think there are some forum threads that discuss the process in pretty general terms. I don’t recall of any that were specific enough to be used as tutorials.
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Thank you for the detailed response! Is there a way to convert a one press variant in to a multi part controllable multi-part file? Also, is there a sticky that explains DOP, OPB, and OPBK? I am wondering specifically if the file type indicates one press vs multi-part.

Yes, there is, using a DAW (digital audio workstation). However, if you’re going to go to all that trouble, it might be easier to use a fresh MIDI source file and start from scratch. There are tutorials that will get you through the basic steps however, I don’t think they include the process of trimming (cutting) the sections and repositioning the sections so that they can be used to shape the song. They’re oriented toward helping users to create one-press songs. Unless you want to create your own transitions and fills from scratch using the DAW, you’d also have to find and copy sections from default content to your song for the fills and transitions.

Click on this link and there are several helpful links embedded. The one you’re interested in would be acronyms.

Most of the posts with user-created content indicate the type of song (OPB or jam, etc).
Example: Ramblin' Man - DOP, OPB & OPBk