Making CC commands instead of Program changes

Hello all;
I am struggling with getting my app to make midi changes. I have three synths and the BB where I need to make patch changes for each song. I have been using ForScore to make Program changes on my synths but there is no provision in the app for CC changes. There is the ability to use Hex code which I have no experience with. I s it possible that I can convert the cc commands into Hex code and hope that this will work? Or is there a decent ipad app that will perform cc commands as well as program changes ?

Thanks so much;

This little website may be just what you need.

Easy to figure out. It then gives you the Hex code you need.

Hey there not 100% sure what you’re referring to, there shouldn’t be a prompt to use hex code anywhere esp not for CC commands. Please reach out to and they can help guide you through this problem.

Great, definitely a cool site and very useful, thanks so much for sending the link.

Hi Brennan -
I was using ForScore for my set list and midi programming, However, Forscore has no provision for midi CC, only Program changes. It does, however have the capability to use Hex and I thought that may be a possible approach. I have since downloaded OnSong and that has CC so I hope this works.
Thanks for the quick response.

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Ok, please let us know if you have any issues with OnSong!

Well I have OnSong loaded and operating and I have read the BB pdf explaining the PC and CC messages. I know that onSong is communicating with The BB as I can get it to make one song change. However, I am a little confused with the procedure. The OnSong video about working with the BB used a PC to make changes. I am at a loss as to where the CC comes in using OnSong. It seems that I need to make a CC first and then a PC but its not clear in OnSong. Yikes !

Is there a link in this site that can clarify this ? Thanks so much

Ok, I finally was able to get the BB to make the song changes and all works fine now. I was a little confused on msb and lsb interpretation.

Hey yeah you were confused on the type of messages, BB song selection requires 1 MSB, 1 LSB, and 1 PC message to select a song within a folder.

Please let me know if you have any other questions! Glad you got set up :slight_smile:

Yes , got it all working now. BB is working great with my Aeros so the two are a great combination.
Thanks for the quick reply.