Making songs and uploading to the pedal


Someone knows how to creat songs on the beatbuddy manager and then upload to the pedal?
if someone have a video or post please send it to me, thanks.


There are some written instructions but no videos as of yet.

If you want to just use the songs already in the BB then you may find my videos helpful. If you want to create your songs from scratch you will need the midi loops (4 to 16 bars long) or create them in an external program. If you go to the “User Generated Content” area you will find various beats (songs) and lots of information where this question has been asked lots of times…unfortunately most of the solution is trial and error.


I need to take some time (and it might be quite a bit) and try to learn to make drums and beats for this thing someday but for now I do have fun using what it comes with. I still haven’t even used all the drums in it yet. lol.