Manage BB from multiple PC's

I would like to use BeatBuddyManager on my stationary PC at home and on my laptop when I’m not and still be able to synchronize the BB with changes.
Anyone that has been able to find a working process to get it working smoothly

The only way you could this would be to store your BBworkspace folder on a NAS (network attached storage) or some other location which you can get to from any computer (but not cloud storage). You would then update your project to that and any of your devices would get the latest ‘version’.
Another workaround would be to open the project and save it to your current computer, make your changes and synchronise. Then when you come to work on your other device do the same open it, save it locally, make changes then sync.

Would dropbox work if the files are held locally on both PCs, but are then synced in the cloud later?