today when I went to open the manager, all the drum sets and beats were gone, even the play was disabled,
yesterday when i went to import a drum set i deleted the user folder, could this be the cause? What should I do now?

If you’re referring to the bbworkspace/user_lib folder, that’s more than likely the cause of your problem. To avoid this type of problem, the general rule is to not use your computer operating system to perform any operations within the bbworkspace folder.

How to recover? If you exported or synchronized your project to your SD card (using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)):

  • insert your SD card in your computer
  • launch the BBM (it will probably tell you it can’t find your project on your computer)
  • File > Open Project (and navigate to your SD card
  • press Open
  • your project from your SD card should open and you’ll be prompted to save it to your computer and then ask you if you want to synchronize to your SD card (accept the prompts)

If you did not synchronize your latest project to your SD card:

  • quit the BBM
  • navigate to and delete your bbworkspace folder from your computer
  • download Download default BBWorkspace 2.1 backup folder
  • unzip
  • copy new bbworkspace folder that you just unzipped to your computer user/documents folder
  • launch the BBM it may open your project automatically but if it doesn’t, use File > Open Project and navigate to your new bbworkspace folder
  • you’ll also have to import any premium or custom content to your project using the BBM
  • insert SD card to computer; select all files and folders and then delete; empty Trash or Recycle Bin
  • File > Export > Project to SD card
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…or, if you’re running windows, go to your Trashcan, find the User directory, and restore it. Then reopen the project.


Great tip. Or if you’re using a Mac, you can select the folder in the Trash, and right-click or control-click and select Put Back from the contextual menu.
Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 9.08.45 AM


it is impossible cause I ve clean up the trash can. thanks

the user folder was recreated already . should I delete it before try these procidiers??

Which user folder are you referring to? If it’s the user_lib folder in your bbworkspace folder, accept the prompt to overwrite it.

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Maybe this can help.

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