Managing Drum Sets

I’ve been using BeatBuddy for awhile now and have edited some drum sets. I now find that I have multiple versions of these sets in my in BeatBuddy manager. Many have the same name with a number (1,2,3 etc) in parentheses even after I’ve renamed them. Some have 3 sets of Parentheses with numbers. I’ve have no idea what is what and wonder how I to manage these. If I delete all drum sets from a project will a subset of these still be available to re-import? When are the parentheses added? Every time a set is double clicked for editing-- even when nothing was done to it? Would love to know what I’ve done and how to best correct it.
Many thanks,

Hi, Steve. Which version of BBM are you using, 1.6.4 and is that for the Mac or PC? Reason I ask is because it appears that the Mac 1.6.4 might have fixed the renaming issues (it has for me).

  • If you have not updated to 1.6.4, consider doing so now.
  • Back up your BBM Project by Saving As within the BBM and giving it a new name (but do not Sync with SD card).
  • Try deleting the drum sets that you don’t need using BBM. Then check your songs to see if they’ll still play with the respective drum sets that you created the songs with.

Thanks for the quick reply - I’m using the brand new manager and on Windows. DO you have any understanding of what’s going on with the names? I’ll give your suggstion a try.