Manic Depression wBASS

Here’s my Manic Depression beat with bass. there’s four parts
2 vocal verses
Solo - just let it loop until you run out of steam!
Outro, which contains a vocal verse and the long ending. The drum fills are not Mitch Mitchell, it would take me forever to transcribe those! But I think they fit.

I do have a question for you guys that are programming beats with bass parts. How do you get a bass not to cut off like it should according to the time value (I enter notes on a staff in Sonar 7)? You can hear i ton the stop verses in this tune. Also, how do you get nice sharp stacatto notes in the bass line? All the bass notes seem to run on until the next note is called, which is nice if you want a smooth legato, but not if you want a quick stab.


The problem with the BB at the moment is that it doesn’t process a midi ‘note off’ message. These are not needed for drum sounds (I think). So bass notes will keep on playing until the next note is reached. There is a firmware enhancement coming that will include the processing of midi off messages which should allow for better sounding bass parts.

thank you, Tomd! I was hoping for something like that!