Manic Depression

I’m not asking for a beat, I am posting one. I’m an old psychedelic relic and a friend of mine - another old psychedelic relic - wants to jam on Jimi’s “Manic Depression.” I tried writing a beat with the Beat Builder but it does not handle triplets. At all. I went into Cakewalk staff mode and wrote a couple four measure phrases for it. I played drums in high school band so I can read and write standard musical notation and have written a lot of midi drum parts for recordings I have done over the years. Manic depression is in 3/4 time and needs triplets on all three beats in the last measure of each four measure phrase. I mean…Mitch Mitchell…that dude was ALL OVER that drum set! This is not a transcription of his playing, just something that fits the song. Anyway, I’m posting it here, 2 midi files in a zip, to see if anyone finds it useful. It’s not complete, just a WIP! I will be adding to it. I set the tempo to around 140bpm.

A big thanks to those who liked this.

Interesting thing about adding the pass part. In the Sonar staff view. I have the bass layout as the grand staff (treble & bass staves). I write the bass part out as usual and edit it. In order for it to play on the BB, I need to transpose it up two octaves (hence the use of the treble & bass staves). Adding the bass lines is a VERY cool user hack! And it doesn’t even void the warranty!

I have a request. Can someone please send a copy of the the BBM 1.6 beta to my forum box? I have requested it twice from support and received no response. I am thoroughly enjoying writing beats and especially with bass and I really need to get around the 500 event limit. I can’t even do a simple 12 bar blues without exceeding the 500 event limit. Also, with 1.6 I can do a complete Manic Depression with bass and fill out the drum part more completely. Thanks in advance! Beatbuddy is GREAT! I LOVE it!

Hi, genejhsn. Check your forum Inbox. Looking forward to the updated Manic Depression.