Manic Pedal

My pedal has just gone into meltdown. When I tap it to play the intro (I have it set to press rather than release) it plays the outro and stops. If I start it with a press and hold it will go into part 1 but after the first bar it plays the transition (over and over again) until I press and hold and it will sometimes go to part 2 then plays the transition over and over again. It will not play any fill with a single press, but will go into the outro and stop. It is set to double press to outro, but will not go to the outro with the double press, only goes to the outro with a single press. I have tried updating the firmware and even tried a new SD card thinking that the card might be corrupted, but no success. I have come to be totally dependent on this pedal and I love it, but now I am in a state of panic because it is useless. Gigs coming up. Please help.

It sounds like you need either an exorcism or the help of Support.

A real simple quick check: reset your pedal settings to default.

Make sure you are using the power adaptor that came with your pedal. I’m not sure whether this is a mechanical issue with the hardware, electrical or something with the processor. Try using compressed air under the treadle and around the main foot switch. Do the same for the rotary switches. Remove the bottom plate from the pedal and use gentle passes of compressed air to “sweep” out debris and dust as well as pretzels and beer. You might want to gently do the same from the outside on all jack ports to include the SD card slot.
Test to see if this made a difference.

Are you using or do you have a remote foot switch (RFS)? Does it still do the same thing when using the RFS? Make sure you are using a TRS patch cable and that it’s not defective. If you have one but don’t use it, try it and see if the symptoms remain.

If it didn’t and since you’ve already tried to reload the firmware as well as a new card, the next step involves treating the pedal as if it had no power:
Make sure you use your computer SD slot reader and not the USB cable method.
Test the pedal to see if it powers up. If it does, download, unzip and copy the Default BeatBuddy Content Update to your card.
Do a complete function test of different songs. If it’s working, use the BBM and the slot reader to export your project to your SD card. If this still doesn’t fix the issue, you may want to contact Support

Let us know how it turns out.

Some good advice here thanks persist. I have noticed since my post that the little triangular buttons on the pedal don’t work properly either. I arrange my songs into set lists and use these buttons to navigate to the next set. When I press the left button the folder list appears only momentarily. I do use the foot switch to do this, but I have already worn out one foot-switch, so I tend to limit the new ones use to extend its life. I guess that all things have a life span and it does look like my BeatBuddy has reached its end. I will try the empty SD card technique to see if that works. I do use a different power-supply on my pedal board but it has been going okay for several years, so I don’t think that is the problem. I have been experimenting with different wave files (sound effects), however, inserting them in the accent hit slot of the manager and playing them with the accent hit left foot-switch. I’m hoping that this trouble I’m having is coincidental.

Tried the empty SD card technique, still no go. I have pulled the pedal off my pedal board and used the correct powersupply, no difference. I have had the unit for 18 months. For the investment of AU $500 plus, I am not that impressed. I love the pedal too much though not to get another one. Don’t know how to contact support, I am assuming that support monitor the forum.

Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you.

You can e-mail Support at or start a conversation (private message) with them here on the forum.

If you e-mail them, just make sure you check your e-mail spam/junk folder as sometimes their reply ends up there. Good luck.

RIP Beat Buddy. Sent my pedal away and the news was that it was unable to be resuscitated. completely worn out after 18 months of use. I am absolutely devastated, but I love the pedal too much to be without it, so I will have to buy another. I do get a lot of questions from musicians who notice that I use one and have always have given the pedal a huge wrap, but now I might be a bit cooler and let them know it is my second pedal after only 18 months of use of the first one.

Sorry to hear that it bit the dust. Curious as to whether you also used a remote foot switch and if so, how long has it lasted?

Where did you send it?