Manual for BeatBuddy + Aeros... Manual for BB + Aeros + Maestro

Could you generate a user’s manual that explains how to use your devices in tandem?

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from what i can tell the only person pushing the envelope and publishing it is forfunguitar youtube. you just have to tolerate his outrageous accent. i pretty sure he is [ NYHC ] here

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Be happy with my accent.
at least you see how it works. :wink: :heart:

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And closed captions works nicely as well.


I agree that Singular Sound should have documentation explaining how to integrate the equipment they sell. I’ve used the Maestro and BeatBuddy together for a few years and had hoped to add the Aeros to my workflow. I’ve had the Aeros Gold for about a month and I’ve spent hours researching the forum and watching Youtube videos trying to understand how to make them work together in my workflow. I’m trying the Beta 5.03 software now.
NYHC does a great job of explaining how he uses the equipment, but customers shouldn’t have to rely on other users to figure out how to integrate equipment they spent hard-earned money on. I hope Singular Sound will be able to make the three units easily work together someday, but for now, I need to quit fiddling around with midi settings and get back to making music. I think my Aeros is going back.

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If you speak about the connection,
Just look into the manuals, just go to page 6


Thanks for the reference to the manual. I have a basic understanding of MIDI, so it’s hard for me to follow at times.
Could you tell me if what I’m trying to accomplish is possible?

My current set-up has the Maestro controlling the BeatBuddy and the BB sending master sync to the Aeros (formerly a Boomerang)
I’ve always arranged my live performances by set folders on the BeatBuddy and moved from song to song using the Maestro.
Using the Maestro, is it possible to have the Aeros load a song when it’s opened on the BeatBuddy?


In theory YES

But I use my Aeros as master. In this case when I load a song on the Aeros it open the (programmed beat on the Beatbuddy)
I guess there is in the handfree mode “next song”
Just create a album with the songs and the correct command for the BB
use the next song on the handfree mode and That’s it
Buts like I say thats with Aeros as Master

I never tested with Beatbuddy as master