Manually Creating "AutoPilot" Premium Library Songs

I know folks are frustrated with the lack of “AutoPilot” for the Premium Library songs on the BB, and it’s probably been discussed to death here, but I’m wondering if anyone has taken a Premium Library song and essentially converted it into a one-press song using a DAW? You’d need at least a “roadmap” for the Premium Library songs to get the timing right, but I guess it’s do-able if the song roadmaps (i.e., how many measures for each part) were available. I just wish I could use the Premium Library songs more than I currently do.

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I’ve tried to do it. I really can’t figure out when the fills and transitions come in and how they match up to the originals. Most times the basic grooves are pretty well done. However, in reality, I usually just end up finding a midi, and using the drum track for it. On occasion, I may try to put a groove from the premium library song into the song instead, but most times, I just use the midi drums.


Same here, and that’s where a “roadmap” would be needed. Thanks for the response…for some reason I thought it’d be time consuming, but somewhat easier to do. I mean SS must have a roadmap of sorts if they have most of these songs in beta AutoPilot (I recall Goran mentioning something about this before the BBM revamp)?

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If I could get the roadmaps for the premium songs I won’t need autopilot.

This is sad the BBM still doesn’t have roadmaps. Of course I’m already used to it but it would make the work much easier.

Regards, Jenifer, marketing manager, Work Time.

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Come on Singular, we need this. Sounds pretty easy, why no response???

I don’t understand why developing autopilot for the Premium stuff isn’t a priority? It would make BeatBuddy much more attractive and usable for those of us who want to concentrate on their own instrumental parts rather than having to think drum parts too.

I’m sure that once word got out for a one click autopilot for such a huge library of songs sales would go through the roof…