Mapping the aeros buttons to midi maestro?

I just got an Aeros and MM and have the Aeros above my keyboard so I can see it and would like to control it primarily with the midi maestro (ideally so that 4 buttons on the MM would do the same as the buttons on the Aeros). Is this possible? I really expected this integration to work out of the box.

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I just came to the forum to ask the same question. I’m going to scour the manuals and see what I can come up with.

It would appear one would have to use the “midi maestro phone app” to re-program the unit. As much as I would like to have the unit closer to me I am going to put it back on the floor until I get greater facility with creating loops on the unit.

Hey there, the Aeros cannot be fully mapped to the MIDI Maestro button by button, but you can do almost all actions you can do on the Aeros Via MIDI

You can find all supported MIDI commands here

We do not currently have full button MIDI emulation on our timeline

Thanks for the question