Mary Jane’s Last Dance - OPBK

  • Kit: STAX Acoustic Piano & 2119 Hammond
  • Cheat sheet included

I reworked this one quite abit to get balances between the parts, chords and voicing where I wanted. We play with everything (guitars, basses, Beat Buddy and audio samples on some songs) going through the mixer. I make no adjustments during the gig so each Beat Buddy feed has to match the others.

With guidance from @Phil_Flood (he crafted many of the kits we primarily use) I set the velocities through trial-and-error. For instance within reason, since songs can demand varying treatments, I want the organ sound about the same level in the STAX Acoustic Piano & Hammond kit as on songs using the Santana Piano & Organ kit.

I play harp as well on this so some rehearsal notes show up in the pdf.

Mary Jane’s Last (47.8 KB)