Mary Jane's last Dance Let me know what ya think


Nice! I think I like it better than the original – a bit more swing, especially in the vocal cadence – very cool!

What are you using for harmonies?

Boss acoustic harmony singer live amp

Very nice! It was very interesting to hear your cover because I used this same BeatBuddy song as the drum track for an original instrumental song I just posted. My song was already written before I decided on the Tom Petty drum track, but it seemed to work with a few tweaks. I changed the drum set to Vintage Ludwig and raised the BPM to 95.

Good work!

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Great job. Is that a standard beat as shipped with the pedal or did you build it? You’re timing with the fills is great, wish you could do a video tutorial on your setup/technique. I can’t time the fills/parts changes for sht, lol.
Could you share this tune (
.sng file) or attach it here on the forum? thx.

Thanks for the feedback
The beat is from the Tom Petty bundle from premium library :blush:

Joe, just learing this song on guitar and harmonica and have ludwig vintage drum set as part of my beat buddy. would you be willing to share your drum track you created with me so I can import it? many thanks and good health during these crazy times. Walker


Its from the Tom Petty beats

Bought from the library

Hope this helps



As Geoff55 said, that song was part of a bundle I purchased from Singular Sound. I didn’t create it so I can’t share it.

thanks for replying, i guess I’ll need to buy that one, have the stones one. hope all is well, regards, walker