Massive Bass distortion how can i resolve this?


with the uploaded songs from the forum, or when i try to make a song bye myself, the drums working well, but the bass is always massive distorted. I tried to change octaves, to change drum and bass kits, but always i have a heavy distorted bass. Im gonna go nuts :frowning:
had anyone an idea?

Thx a lot

(bass kits i try to used: NP Standard BassCguitar, Rock & Rick Bass 0-31, NP SdpBass 63-91, Sub-Std Pro SWN Bass 0-31 and 62-91, Sub-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31and 62-91

Which songs are you having problems with? Maybe a link to one or two would help us to better help you.

Is this happening in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or on the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal?

If on the pedal, make sure you start out by setting the volume knob to about 50%; if youโ€™re using the headphone output jack, make sure the volume wheel is also set low.

Are you using the mono output cables?

What type of amplifier are you running this into?