Matchbox 20 - 3AM with Bass 2018.03.09 - Matchbox 20 - 3AM with Bass

Matchbox 20 - 3AM with Bass

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Thank you for making this beat. It’s usually the opener to my show. These are the kind of beats I’m always looking for. Sometimes an acoustic guitar, voice and a well composed beat can win the crowd.

Hey thx, love Matchbox20.
i’m new to downloading songs, i got it to work, sounds great.
When i put this on the BB pedal, is it meant to be played start-to-finish with no intervention? (i.e. don’t have to switch between verse/chorus?)
Thanks again.

Is there a version of this without bass? I tried the Cajon version posted on the forum but it is WAY off of the actual recording.


Use a kit without bass. Standard or Rock should do.

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Nice! Will do, thanks for the tip Phil.

Strange question…never seen this happen before: When I play this song with the standard kit on BBM it plays the song perfect, with no bass just how I want it… perfect to the original song. When I import this onto my Beatbuddy it is playing what sounds like a completely different song…not at all like the song when playing on the BBM.

Anyone ever seen this and can tell me what I’ve done wrong?

Double-check the setting on your pedal to verify that Drum sets: Enabled

@persist What is the exact name of this setting…is it just called Drum Sets?

Main Pedal: Default drumset: Enabled

Yeah that was enabled. Oh well… have to kill this one then. Thanks for your help.

I just tested the song in the BBM and on the pedal with the Standard kit and they both sound alike and good.

I’d delete 3AM from the BBM and download and import the song again; change the kit to Standard; save your project and then synchronize your project to your SD card. When you tee up the song in your pedal, make sure that the Standard kit is displayed as the drum set on the pedal. It should work. Let us know if it doesn’t.

@persist Followed your steps and same thing again… 2 different sounding songs on the pedal vs the BBM. The one playing on the pedal doesn’t even resemble the BBM (correct) version.

Thanks for trying.


Perhaps someone else will ring in with a solution.

I can rework the song into one-press variants if we can’t come up with a solution.

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Maybe reloading the default drumsets of the BB might help, just a guess.

Yeah that didn’t help but thank you…

If anyone has a good one-press version of this song I would be in debt forever (with no bass).

I’ll see what I can do.

@persist By chance any luck on this? Anything would be appreciated!

Coming soon to a forum near you :slightly_smiling_face:

Great job!