Per request (again)
This is a non-OPB version, can also be used with SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL (99.4 KB)

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Thanks :sunglasses: Andy Ray

which drum kit do I need for this song?

  • Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to import the song (after you unzip the downloaded file)
  • The BBM Default Drum Set should display the drum set used for this song
  • If you have the drum set in your BBM, you should be able to play and hear the song in the BBM
  • If you don’t have the drum set that the song was created with, you will see an asterisk in front of the name of the Default Drum Set: which means you will have to search the forum to find it, download, unzip, use the BBM to Import Drum set and then activate it

Oké thanks.
I will try it again.