Matching blues beats

I’d like to recreate some drum beats from blues recording. What would make a good starting point? Should I use the best buddy manager to edit an existing beat? Do I need to start from a DAW software of some sort?

When I’m looking to ‘recreate’ a beat, I use EZDrummer 2 to search for something close. In EZDrummer 2, you can add your own MIDI library and use the Tap2Find feature to look for a beat (I use an AKAI LPD8 - I just tap the kick and snare of what I want to find). Once I find something close, I then make some edits in either EZDrummer 2 or Reaper then import it into Beat Buddy Manager. I then repeat this process for each part & fill. Here’s an example (

However, I personally find that exact drum beats can just sound a little too busy for my paired back acoustic style. So I made a small set of beats that do for most songs. Most have 2 parts - an initial quieter part then a more full louder part (both with various fills). The idea is that you can quickly select a suitable beat, tap the tempo and start playing. You can download that here:

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