Max number of songs in the BB Manager


The max number of songs in the BB Manager seems to be 99.
I think i’ve read somewhere it could be more but, as i can’t see a BB Manager version more that 1.65 available, i don’t have my answer to my request.
Can somebody tell me how it goes ? (Has the firmware version something to do with that ?)

Best regards

That is the maximum number PER FOLDER. With prior versions of BBM, you could have up to 128 folders, thereby allowing 12,672 songs in a BBM project. Now, with set lists, we sacrifice 17 folder slots to set lists (why this is not 16 is a great mystery to me), so we have 1,683 less song slots. This still leaves us with 10,989 spaces for songs, which should be enough to get you through a gig.