Max Voltage for Beat Buddy?

I’m looking to build a busking system that includes my BB. Most of the decent-quality battery banks seem to have a single 9v out and several 12v outs. Will using a 12v battery damage the unit? Or should it work just fine?

(I think I know the answer, sadly…)



9v only! You will fry your BB potentially and void your warranty!

Thanks for asking!

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Yeah, that’s what figured. I may have to build some sort of filter/step-down if I end up using one of these solutions.

Thanks for the quick response!


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@BrennanSingularSound, what is the operating voltage range for the Beat Buddy? I am looking at assembling a battery pack, likely out of D cells because of their capacity, but most rechargeable Ds are 1.2v, not 1.5. As a result, most “9v” D-cell battery packs have 8 Ds, not six, and result in a 9.6v battery.

So, what’s the operating range?



Let me ask for you!

Yes please – and thanks!

(Although, I’m starting to think a big Li-Ion battery “generator” with an inverter might be the simplest solution…)

The answer of what the voltage tolerance of the Beat Buddy is will be interesting. Not all 9vdc adapters are created equally and most older adapters that use a transformer for conversion are generally not regulated like the new ones that are solid state and regulated to 9 volts regardless of load. I got a few of my old transformer type adapters out and checked the ‘no-load’ output voltage. I didn’t try any loads, but typically the voltage is load dependent and may not necessarily be at 9 volts when loaded. It could be higher, but as long as the rated load isn’t exceeded shouldn’t be much less than 9 volts. I don’t think a person would think twice about using an adapter as long as it said 9 volts, neg tip, and had an adequate milliamp rating, but if the BB tolerance is particularly tight, perhaps there may be a risk of damage.
I had done some current draw checks of the BB a while back (don’t have the numbers I got) and I do recall the current did vary some depending on what the BB was doing. I think during the power on it pulled the most current and then settled back. Switching of some functions caused small changes in the milliamps.

A few 9 volt adapters I pulled out and checked ‘no load’ voltage. All were neg tip and of a ma rating that should power the BB. Nope, I’m not going to try one to see what happens :thinking:
KORG: 10.2, 13.0
Zoom: 12.27, 13.58
Roland: 11.81

If the 12 volt battery is just for the BB and powers nothing else that could tie grounds together, a single chip voltage regulator could be cobbled together. Would need to pay good attention the polarity at the connector as the barrel tip needs to be negative. The LM7809 is a ‘positive’ voltage regulator chip and there is an LM7909 which a ‘negative’ voltage regulator chip and the battery and output polarity would be flipped on the diagram. Either will handle up to 1.5A with heatsinking.

Trial by fire… learn to solder :smile:


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I was told you could possibly get away with up to about 10v but that was not a solid answer so I’d say its possible it’s ok!

Please be careful if you’re worried about voiding warranty! We do not cover fried BBs!

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