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I’m trying to play with the user uploaded song These Boots are Made for Walking.

What does OPB Mean? I’m sure it’s a modded Drum Kit. But I can’t search for OPB as the forum won’t work for 3 character serches.

Is there a Tutorial for these terms?

Phil Flood graciously gave me the link for [I]DrumKit StandardPro with Bass.




OPB Means basically a full song / beat that plays straight through after you press the BB once

Thank you Persist.


I just posted a question in the Drumkit secton of the forum.

Is there a drumkit for OPB?

I have Standard Pro with Bass (normal and centered) and Rock with Bass… Any good with These Boots are made for walkin’




There are 2 different types of bass placements in OPB songs. The early bass kits had the bass notes from 64-91 or 63-91; most, but not all of the newer kits have the bass notes placed in the 00 to 31 range. So the answer is “it depends on which kit the user built the song to use.”

Without downloading and importing that song, it would be hard to tell. See the post I made in reply to your question in the other thread.

The bass is mapped at 64-91. This kit will work:

Standard Pro with Bass normal should work, too, I believe. But when you download the song, the drumkit shows as N-P FingerStyle or something like that. That makes me think the kit from the link above is more appropriate.

Frequently, the user that creates the song will list the recommended or required drumkit in the write up with the song. That was not the case with this particular song. When there is nothing listed, just download the song, open it up in BB Manager, and see what kit shows up in the Default Drum Set window.


Then search for that kit in Resources. If you can’t find the kit after doing that, ask for help in the forum, as it may be that kit goes by a slightly different name, or was never posted, or there is an alternate that can be used.

Very often, a kit other than the recommended kit can be used, but as Persist pointed out, you do need to have one that matches the mapping of the bass in the song.

If that’s the one i posted the finger style link from Phil Flood should work as that was the kit I mainly used at that stage. When I get a chance I’ll re do it for standard pro and post it if you like.

Wow. Thank you all for your advice and support. I thought OPB was a drumkit!! :wink:

I did see the song ‘These Boots are made for walking’ suggested the finger-style with Bass drumkit. But was a little muddled with the terminology.

I’m getting there. The User Uploaded song ‘These boots…’ now works. thank you.

I’m still trying to get the Guitar Pro 7 exported midi to work. I want to achieve this task so I can learn the process for other songs.

So I do have another query:

I am testing out the DAW FL Studio.

I want to export the two midi channels/tracks from FL Studio. I Then used Acid Studio 10 to save the channels into one midi 0. Then I drag the file from Windows Explorer into BeatBuddy Manager.

For some reason, I can’t repeat the merge process from FL Studio. I got it working before!

Acid Studio only shows the drum midi pattern NOT drums and bass.

I am going to shift the Bass midi pattern in FL Studio from the C4 octave to C2 Octave. This seems too much bass for my current (practice) needs. This is my first attempt at shifting the notes and it seems confusing.

Is there a Drum Kit with the higher octave available? If not I’ll make do with what’s there for now.

I have uploaded a couple of screenshots. I’m hoping someone will point me in the right direction with all this channel 10 and midi channel 0 stuff! :wink:



from Abergavenny in South Wales by the way.


Again Thanks for your advice.

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Nothing wrong with either FL Studio or Acid Studio once you’ve mastered their processes. I tried with Studio and gave up as it was just too cumbersome and non-intuitive.

You might consider trying Reaper instead—although any DAW still presents a steep learning curve, you’d be better off using a single DAW instead of trying to use Studio and Acid.

Guitar Pro 7 seems to export to MIDI just fine.

NP StdPBass 63-91 is the highest the bass octaves go in the kits presently available on the forum. Other kits available from the forum place the bass in lower octaves from 0 to 31 range.

You cannot drag and drop MIDI files onto the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). The BBM uses it’s own method for managing songs, files and folders and you have to use the BBM interface.

I’ll leave it to other users to walk you through the MIDI channels 0 and 10.

Thank You Persist.

I’ll try Reaper again. I just found it complicated. I’ll try the online tutorials again.

Thank you.


MIDI - yeah, you kind of have it right. It’s a MIDI type 0 file, and channel 10. But a BB file is not really a MIDI type 0 file, since the information on it is all in one channel. The BB works like a sampler. You put samples into it, and trigger them with playback from the notes that the sample is assigned to. Unlike a standard keyboard which may have up to 88 keys, the BB gives you access to the full 128 locations in MIDI, normally called C minus 2 to G 8, or MIDI 0 through 127.

So, when we have a bass assigned to midi 0 through 31, C-2 through G0, the bass is not playing back C-2 through G0. Jeez, that would be awfully low. No, the bass plays back, usually C1 through G3, the equivalent of what is on an electric bass. It does that, because those samples have been recorded and assigned to those notes. The BB only play back the samples that it is given, it does not make octave transpositions on its own, or take a sample and be able to move it up or down from its original recorded location. In that sense, when using a 0 through 31 kit, the BB is made to work on something or the order of a split keyboard. Bass is assigned 0 through 31, drums to 34 through 71, for example, and maybe a keyboard at 72 through 127. But, only the drums are in their normal locations. The sounds being plaedy back at the higher and lower end of the midi range are sounds that have been assigned to those notes, and are typically octaves higher and lower than what the assigned midi note would play, were it just playing a keyboard.

All that is to explain why when creating a “with bass” song for the BB you have to do two things after you have your bass and drums sounds correct in the original creating software. 1) You have to move the bass up or down the required number of octaves to match the BB kit that you intend to use; and 2) you need to merge the bass and drum tracks into one track. Now, this track does not need to be on midi channel 10. Midi channel 10 is traditionally assigned to drum parts, but as far as the BB is concerned, when it gets a track all on one channel, it cares not what the channel is.

I’d recommend you try this to merge your tracks. First, create a new blank track. Then, copy your bass track, paste it into the blank track, and move all those notes down 3 octaves. Then, copy all the notes in your drum track. Paste those into the new track.
If possible, export just that track. If your software cannot do that. Save your work with a unique identifying name. Then delete the two tracks that contain the original drum and bass parts. Export what it left (It should be just your merged track) as a midi file.
Load that track into a BB sng. Try it out with a 0-31 kit.

Thank you for your detailed advice. I’ll be honest it took up until now to have a go as your post was hard to sink in! This whole process is a bit nuts.

I’ve started a new track and am cutting and pasting and it’s going OK.

However, (I’ll post a screenshot) the idea of mapping the beats in the Piano-Roll is simple in theory. But alI see is notes, notes, and more notes and I’m trying to visualize where each line goes. I try and use the midi-mapping documents to see where the keys relate to different drum kits… but…it’s like confusing.

Anyway. I’ll have another go on Monday when I’m not so tired. But I’ll be honest I need someone to show me.

Can anyone provide a tutorial on the Export from GP into DAW and how to line up the new mappings then export to Midi? Bass and guitar and Drums and maybe Brass section.

I struggle with this stuff. I never used to. It’s my age I suppose. Too old! (46)

Conversation started.