Measure Counter Display

In addition to seeing the current beat, I think it would be invaluable to also be able to set the number of measures in a bar and be able to see which measure you are currently in. This pedal is so great for jamming with a looper pedal, but I always get lost as to what measure I am in. So about 50% of the time, I trigger a transition to the next part and I am in the wrong measure so it doesnt work out very well.

This would be a great additional feature to the pedal itself.

Has anyone else done this with other software? Currently the midi out is going through a computer (OSX) en-route to my looper pedal. I did a search for software that could take the incoming midi clock and then display the current beats and the current measure. I came up empty. This software would need to be able to be triggered by the “next part” CC also to count the measures in the next part as well.