Mechanics of Beat Buddy pedal press

Can anyone explain this for me please. Transitions when to press and hold and when to press and release. I have been working with a BB purchased file for Crazy Little Thing by Queen. There are single bar fills and multi bar fills. If I press and hold the multi bar fill it just moves to the next main midi file. If I do a long press and release it goes to the next main midi. The only way I can get the full transition is by hitting the pedal for a long press in the first half of the main loop. Other midi songs seem to operate differently too. Is this because the transition is multi bars? Any explanation on how the fills are triggered and when to press the trigger would help me.

For in-the-part fills, the fill starts when you press the pedal and ends at the end of the current bar. Tap and release. For transitions, you need to hold for at least two beats, and the fill will, again, play to the end of the current bar AFTER YOU RELEASE the pedal (so you could play that roll continuously for as many bars as you like and complete the transition only when you step off).

In both cases, the transition fill is truncated from the front of the fill to fit the remaining time in the current bar. So, if the fill is four beats and you trigger it at the second beat, the fill will only play its last two beats before returning to the part or transitioning.

Does that help?

EDIT: As I mentioned in the other thread, fills usually have a fifth beat that is the cymbal on the first beat of the next bar (so your rolls end with a cymbal on the 1).

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Thank you so much for explaining this. I get it now.

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