Mellotron Flutes, and Mellotron Strings

Three octaves of mellotron string or flute samples (as many as the original mellotron had).

You won’t be able to use this with BeatBuddy Manager, but if you use Reaper (or other program) to drive the pedal, or if you put a song on the pedal, it will sound great!

The player in the BeatBuddy Manager doesn’t honor “note offs” so the samples play their full 8 seconds each, resulting in a complete cacophony.

Here is a midi to test the Strings kit:

And here is a midi to test the Flute kit:

Note, these are just midis, so you’d have to make them into songs if you want to play them directly from the pedal.

Cool idea. You can use this for more than a drum machine pedal.

So, following that logic, does this mean you could upload entire midi songs as backing tracks, not just drums?! I’m thinking of obtaining some backup singers if I can (think Steely Dan/talented church choirs).

there are limitations. first is that a drumkit can’t have more than 100megs of samples. second is a midi limitation in that the bb only reads one track, so you are limited to 128 “notes”. however, i do have a kit that has drums, bass, and guitar in it.

as long as you don’t need more than 128 different notes, and can get all the samples in that 100 megs, those samples can make any sound you want.

Sounds good. I’m looking around on and
to see if I can come up with interesting kits and songs…

@aashideacon I found an awesome organ intro, but not sure how to import as part of a drum set and I’m new to the midi world. I managed to create a drum kit using it (I haven’t added anything other than that yet) and successfully have no sound being output when selecting that “drum kit”. Any advice would be much appreciated…

aashi will probably pop in with a better answer but until then, you could see if this thread helps.

Did you check the box for the file you imported under the drum set tab in the BB MGR?

What’s important in the new kit are the midi numbers. You notes in the midi need to line up with the notes in the new kit.

Okay, thanks I’ll check it out : )

if you need help, send me the kit and the midi, and i should be able to see where you went wrong

Or get an EHX MEL9 pedal :slight_smile:
(I used Beatbuddy on the EHX Mel9 demo)