Mellow beats Retro Custom drum set

I bought mellow beats package that uses retro custom drum set. The drum set is available in the song when using my computer but not on the BeatBuddy pedal and I cannot find a kit to download to BB manager

If the Mellow Beats folder and the Retro drum set are available in your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM):

  • Place your SD card in your computer slot reader;
  • From the BBM File - Export - Project to SD and press Open or Okay;
  • When done, accept the prompt for Future Synchronization;
  • Remove the SD card from your computer;
  • With the power off to your pedal, insert the SD card;
  • Try playing the song on your pedal;
  • If it doesn’t play, check the settings on your pedal; Default Drum sets should be Enabled.

I was not clear enough in my post. I can not find a retrocustom drumset in the mellow beats download and not in BBM when installed. Each mellow beat plays the retro drumset on the computer but does not transfer to the BB pedal. The pedal defaults mellow beats to brushes and there is not a retro kit in the pedal. The computer displays an asterisk alongside the retro and I can change the kit to another but not return to retro unless I close BBm and discard changes, restart and the retro is back again. Seems to me there is no retro drum kit in mellows beat?

You’re probably going to be better off contacting for help. Please provide Support with a link to this thread.

Thanks for your help, I will do that.