Mellow Drum Beats

I’m new to the BeatBuddy, but I’m excited to try it out with my instrumental music I’ve written. But I couldn’t find the perfect beat that’s mellow enough that would go with a classical song. How would I find that kind of beat? Do I have to make one or something?

I know what you mean ,Im not sure what sort of beats you mean you’re not going to get an orchestral drum section bout you may may something in the beat buddy premium library like perhaps the Sting songs very reasonably priced,also try the percussive and ballad kit ,the ballad kit seems to have a nice reverb effect on it.Sometimes I copy a beat thats around about what I want and using the midi editor take out the kick or snare here and there to give more space ,also try slowing down beats.

Yeah, I wouldn’t want an orchestral drum like a tympani. Just a mellow beat. But I’ll try looking at the percussive and ballad kit.
How do I use the mini editor? Would it be on the computer or something, or what?

The midi editor is with the BB program ,when you right click on the drum beat ,a window opens cilck on …says ‘EDIT’.
That opens up the midi editor.If you havent used one before thats a whole other kettle of fish.It took me a while to get my head around it but once I did it is invaluable.Also editing the kits to lower volumes of certain intruments or add instruments.The person to talk to on here about is Phil Flood he’s been a great help to me.

What is the BB program? Is it on the computer? If so, how do I get to it?

What is the BB program? Is it on the computer? If so, how do I get to it?

You have the Beat Buddy pedal right? when you upon up the BB program on your computer which you will have if you’v downloaded the firmware/software from beat buddy site. It has all you folders with the songs and drum kits that come with the BB Manager ,heres a link you need to download the Beat Buddy Manager.

Ohhh, okay. I see. I’ll check that out then. Thank you a lot!