Merge Two Drum Songs Into One & Use Two Kits?

I want to know if I can edit and merge two Drum Songs? I did a recording of a cover song I like, and I was able to manually create the drum set(s) sounds I wanted. But I would like to be able to recreate it in a live performance setting. What I did was record the first part of the song using the “Marching 9 / Standard Drum Kit” song, a second part of the song using “Country 1 / Rock Kit” song, and the third last and outro part using the “Marching 9 / Standard Drum Kit” But it looks like the BeatBuddy editor will only allow one Drum Kit at a time? Or is there a way to merge the two Drum Songs and be able to use both Drum Kits with each song? I’ve already created a folder with a copy of “Marching 9 / Standard Drum Kit” song, renamed the song and changed the BPM setting. I only use the basic intro and 1st. Main Drum loop part with fills. And basically I do the same thing with the “Country 1 / Rock Kit” song without the intro, it just changes straight into the basic main Drum loop with fills. And the finish of the song is the same as the start with “Marching 9 / Standard Drum Kit but uses the outro. When I tried to copy a new separate Drum Fill part by using the add symbol, it included Main Drum Loop, Transition Fill, and Accent Hit fields, but the original song has only the Drum Fill field? Is there a way to delete the unwanted fields? When I right click on any of the fields, the menu options are “Create New Pattern”, and “Add From MIDI File.” Any help would be most appreciated.

It could be done. It’s not a simple process. What you would do is add special drums needed from the Rock Kit to the Standard kit. By that, I mean those that have a particular different sound that you need from the Rock kit. After that, with all you drum sounds in place, you can add more main loops to the Marching 9 song, and drag the parts of the Country 1 that you need into it, in the proper order. Remember, you can add as many main loops as you want, and there is nothing to stop you from using the same pattern more than once. That is, a main loop could used as both loop 4 and loop 7, for example.

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Yep you have to create a custom drum kit that has all the sounds in it you want and then also have to custom make sng file so as to trigger the right sounds.

I did this with Sympathy for the Devil. I merged some instruments from I think a latin kit like bongo’s etc and inserted them into the standard Rock drumkit.

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Phil_Flood and Guitar_Stu,

Thanks for replying to my question back in February, I was able to create the Drum ‘Song’ file that use two distinct kits. It was actually pretty easy. Basically all I did was import the first kit with the into and part I wanted, then I added a part and just copied and pasted the second kit parts I wanted to use. And the last part I instered just repeated the first part with an outro. Pretty much just copied and pasted everything other. It worked really well.

Anyway… sorry I did not follow up with a reply till now. I’ve been researching a new issue and realized that I filed to thank you both for your suggestions.