message for GoranGrooves

Please release more electronic drums kits pleaseeee! Any plans for it?

Any particular ones you’re looking for?

I’ve uploaded an experimental 808 &909 kit, you can use them if they are what you’re looking for

I’m looking for Linn LM-2, for Oberheim DMX and for something more atmosfere…

I’ll try to get that Oberheim kit tomorrow morning, Texas time. In the meantime, if you get a better idea of what you mean by “something more atmosphere” i.e., a manufacturer/drum machine, I’d be happy to to see if it’s in the collection, and then put something together. Garry posted a new LM-2 kit, so you’re covered there. There also is an LM-2 drums only kit.

I also posted a Yamaha DD-65 kit a few weeks ago.

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ooh i didn’t see the LM-2 kit. Sorry about that… more atmosphere i mean something like that: and here some examples I mean more reverb or chorus…i’d like to use these sounds for my covers songs…

If they’re what you want best to buy them and build a kit from them

Oberheim kit:

Atmosphere kit - Try the Ethereal kit on the BB, or try my Ambient Kit:

thanks for answers! I decide to make my own drums kits! I think i understand everything expect from one. Why some drums kits have for example two samples in snare section in the same velocity rates? when play the one and when play the other?

and an other question…i must sample my drum kit in different velocity rates or simple i sample a kick and after put it with different velocity rates in beatbuddy editor? Because if the first option is right it is too much hours of work…am i right?

More than one sample for each velocity makes the kits sound more like a real drummer. The Beat Buddy makes random choices from the samples for each velocity to make the drums sound less mechanical. You can have just one sample per drum and still end up with a fairly good sounding kit, but the more samples you have will make the kit sound more like a real drummer and less like a machine.

The number of samples is what is going to give a drum kit a more realistic sound.

The different samples for different velocity values correspond to how hard an Item is hit. For example on a snare a high velocity equals a hard hit which which will give a sharp snappy hit. A low velocity equals a soft hit which will give more of a rattle sound. If you just reduce the velocities in the editor you will get the sound of a hard hit snare just at a lower volume.

The multiple samples per velocity is to give a more realistic sound of two hits at the same velocity in succession. The multiple samples will produce the same of effect of hitting a snare in real life as two hits will always sound a little different due to factors like where and how the drum item gets hit. If only one sample used it will sound like a computer.