Methods for song selection when performing live

Hi, Folks,

I’m looking into buying an Aeros looper. One thing I want to do is store songs/parts and be able to perform and/or loop more over them during a live performance.

However, I don’t see a way to select the songs without using the unit itself. Is there a MIDI command that can be used to select a certain song? If not, can the stored songs be arranged in any order after they have been recorded? I don’t want to be messing around with the interface between songs while performing live.

Hi there,

The Aeros cannot yet select songs using MIDI, we hope to add this functionality very soon, however.

Currently, the Aeros songs list can only be arranged in alphabetical order or in the order of last saved.

Stay tuned on this!

Thanks, @BrennanSingularSound. How hard is it to rename the songs? Can I do that through an external interface somehow?

Just trying to figure out how I’ll get by until you all implement more MIDI control.


Be aware that it can take between 30 and 90 seconds to pull up songs. Could be a problem in a live performance setting.

Wow. Is that dependent on the speed of the flash memory at all? Even 30 seconds seems much too long.

I’m not sure why loading songs takes so long and it doesn’t seem to matter whether they are loaded from internal or external storage. It has been discussed in a few threads but I don’t think that a definitive answer has been given by the Singular folks. I have one 6x6 song with about 15 tracks that takes 94 seconds to load. I could be wrong but I don’t think they have really focused on making this super useful for professionals doing complicated songs with multiple parts and tracks. Search the forum on “slow load times”.

It might not be what you’d think, but my guess is the time is all spent scanning the waveform for peaks for the graphical display. It’s unlikely the wavs are being loaded completely into ram as that would be an unnecessary limit on loop sizes; so what else could the delay be for?

I believe quite a few DAWs and audio editors have similar (if shorter) delays. They get around it by making a cache file with those peaks in for subsequent loads so the delay only happens once.

With a bit of development cost it could probably be avoided completely with clever buffering on the wav read during normal playback, so a screen’s worth of audio has always been scanned during playback. Or do an on demand thing where a simple block is shown in the UI while the peak scan is going on. That wouldn’t delay the use of the song, only the fancy waveform display.

I’m fairly sure that Aeros is an embedded Linux system (its WiFi MAC oui is BeagleBone) so there’s no reason some multi threaded magic couldn’t be going on. So as with a lot of these things: no reason that this winkle won’t go away eventually.

We are investigating this issue and will be evaluating what we can do to shorten loading times, thank you for your patience!