Metronome only

Your next product should be a metronome foot pedal. BeatBuddy Light? BeatBuddy Jr? … t.1101108/

Either tap or dial for the rythym, LED and a click that can be silenced. Maybe battery powered.

Would be great for non-electric musicians like violinists and horn players.

Metronome is actually a function that was added into BeatBuddy while it was under development. Whether a special version of BeatBuddy is necessary or not - time will tell. Nice suggestion anyways!

I think the BB does this famously. I think you’d find a market for a cheaper, single function pedal.

Here are some great metronomes

I just built a couple of stomp pedals for left and right. They activate an Alesis DM5 drum module, so they can be assigned any of about 500 drum sounds. Just tap your foot along with any song you can play.