Metronome via headphone only

Sorry if this has been mentioned already, I had a mega busy couple of months and have not been able to keep up with forum posts or play with my BeatBuddy much…that’s going to change.

This is probably a hardware thing though and not possible, but if if can be controlled with software, here’s a request.

I was wondering if there was anyway to add a metronome click that comes out of the head phones only or be able to select where the patten sends its sound?

I managed to work out a way to route my BB headphone output to my in ear monitor transmitter it works fine, but its made me realise I have a bit of an issue with some kinds of songs I am doing with my RC300 looper.

for example

I am trying to do a version of Say Something…which as you know starts off only with a piano and vocal.
My version is based on the Walk Of the Earth cover, which also starts very small and solo, but mid way through they bring in drums and have a big rock feel to it.

to make this happen so that I can keep the loops on track without retapping the tempo which never works well. I have done the following
Created a quiet 12/8 track with only a quiet closed hihat sound to act as the metronome and keep time
Then a transition
2nd pattern with a bit more rhythm but still subtle for chorus
a downbeat transition
3rd pattern for the big heavy drums as everything comes in with some fills
down beat transition
4th simple quiet pattern

Now that works, kinda, I need to practice more… But I don’t want to have the 1st pattern audible…but to keep time I need to hear it, since I am forced to stuck to my RC300’s phrase time, the tempo can’t be changed, so a silent pattern won’t do. I need to lock that 1st phrase to the 2x 12/8 bars If I had some way to either have a click track OR be able to choose to route that to headphones only I’d have my ideal click track.

Since a fair number of songs require the concept of drums not coming in till the 1st chorus or 2nd verse, having some way to ensure your timing is right when drums don’t play is quite important…can you guys help (ps I know pro musicians can do all this, but its a bit hard for the rest of us)

If it turns out the hardware for the headphone is directly linked to the output…does anyone know of a stereo input output volume pedal I can use to bring the output in and out?

I remember quite clearly this very idea was discussed some time earlier.
This could be a great addition to the BeatBuddy. As of currently, though, this is impossible. Headphones totally duplicate main output. You cannot pass two separate signals to output and headphones.

I cannot confirm whether this is a hardware or firmware only issue.

yeah I suspect its a hardwire rather than a software route, but it never hurts to ask.

I too would make very frequent use of this feature if it were available. Alternatively, I would be happy with left channel metronome, right channel mono drums - which I suspect could be done entirely in software (or by laboriously crafting a right-channel-only drumset).

This feature x100,000,000 pleeeeeeease