Metronome with a kick drum

Hi. I want to make a new song, just a 4/4 kick drum. Basically I want a metronome with a kick drum sound instead of a wood block. But I cant figure out how to do it. None of the preloaded songs has just a simple kick (they always include hats) and the drum set for the metronome cant be changed to get a kick instead of the click noise. How can I get just a simple kick drum metronome?

In short: You’ll need to use third party tools to edit MIDI files to achieve that. There is no other way currently.

All MIDI files for the shipped BeatBuddy songs are included. Metronome files can be found in MIDI loops - content 1.2/Metronome folder on the SD card.
You will need to replace all the metronome click notes (33) to kick drum (36).
Even easier would be to just create a MIDI file with only kick drum notes (36) going on at necessary intervals.

After you have prepared the MIDI file, you will need to create a new song in BBManager and add this file as a Main Loop.
Note: To get started with BBManager, you will need to Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal and point to the SD card location.

You will need to export the project to the SD card after you’ve created your song via Import - Export > Export Project to Pedal.

Users on the forum have already created such a BBSONG, a search for “Kick drum” or “Bass Drum” should have found it.

If this is not what you need or you at some stage you want a beat with just a hihat sound, then the easiest way is to edit an existing BBSONG using Beattbuilder
or other midi editor.

  1. Find a suitable BBSONG with the right beat.
  2. Open up he BB Manager and find the song.
  3. Locate the actual midi file for that part.
  4. Open it up in Beattbuilder
  5. Remove all but the instruments you want
  6. Save ensuring to rename the file.
  7. Create a new BBSONG or add it to an existing BBSONG
  8. Synchronise or follow the instructions from Daef above.

This sounds more complicated then it is, but once you get the hang of it it is easy.

Thanks so much for the help Psalm40. This solution works for me.

Here is a 4/4 kick drum

I’m looking to do that same thing, but I’d like to replace the kick sound with a sample I have. I have not been able to do this successfully.

Any suggestions?

The beta BBManager has a nice midi editor built into it. Just send an email to Persist or BBSupport.

Post the sample and I’ll see what I can do.

What issues are you having with it? You are trying to edit the kick drum in the drumset editor, correct? If so, is the correct drumset playing when you play that MIDI file?

@BeatBuddy Support yes, I’m trying to edit the kick drum in the drumset editor. Would just like to replace the file with a .wav sample I have. I believe I’m doing this correctly, via browse, select file, and can hear it when I select the play button. However, when I save and attempt to add this drumset to my song no sound is produced. When I go back to the drumset editor I can no longer hear the sample there either.

Is there a minimum length or size of .wav files? That’s really the only thing I can think of as to why this isn’t working properly.

most kick drums have multiple samples. there are multiple samples by velocity as well. so if you toss just one sample in there without deleting all the others, it’s kinda random as to when it will sound. to completely replace a kick drum with a single sample, you will have to delete all the samples out of all the velocities, and create that one sample for all velocities (1–127).

or, create a new kick drum on midi note 35, and edit the midi to use that one instead of the standard one on 36.

Unfortunately, I’ve done both with no success…

the sample has to be 16 bit, 44.1k, stereo or mono… if you post the wav, i can make you a thing that uses it

@aashideacon you’re a life saver! Would still like to know what I’m doing wrong though.

let me know if this works for you… there’s definitely something wierd going on, and i think it’s the wav itself. The sample format was 32 bit float, and it needed to be 16 bit PCM, although I think 24 bit PCM works as well. The sample rate of 44.1k was correct.

Strange. I definitely set the export settings to 16 bit 44.1.

I’ll give this a try and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

@aashideacon sorry I’m just getting back to you now. Works great! Thanks for putting that together for me!

How do I make a kick drum metronome?

All links are dead :frowning:

Download the .sng in this thread.