Mexico Or Crazy - Simple MIDI Loops using Standard Kit

Here’s another LIVE mixer capture from Lost Comm using a simple MIDI loop I created using a free app then loading it as a song to the BB. Uses the Standard kit.

QSC Touchmix direct to disk via USB? :wink:

Yes but resolution is so high have to knock it down with RX 4 before bouncing it with Logic Pro X.

Characteristics of Usable Hard-drives

In general we have found that the hard drives capable of reliably recording all TouchMix tracks will have the following characteristics.

  • 7,200 RPM

  • USB 3.0

  • Generally drives with their own power supply (as opposed to those getting power from the USB port) tend to be better candidates. But we have qualified drives that power from the USB port.

  • Whatever drive is selected must be formatted FAT32.