Mic Stand or Boom Mount your BB Pedal

A Yamaha BMS-10A (mixer) Mic Stand Adapter is a great way to mount your BB pedal to a mic stand or boom. I play keys and this mod allows me to get the BB in the perfect position.

  1. Remove the BB back plate.
  2. Center, mark, and drill two holes on the back of the pedal base plate to attach the BMS-10A
  3. Epoxy a couple of M5-0.8 TeeNuts to the underside of the plate.
  4. Once everything is set, use the included thumb screws to secure the BB to the BMS-10A and you are all set.
    There is plenty of clearance between the base plate and the circuit board to accommodate this mod.
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… or you could possibly use a ‘tablet holder for a mic stand’.
iPad Holder

The Yamaha adapter attaches to a standard 5/8" mic thread. Just the mic stand probably would work best here. If you’re adding a boom, make sure it has enough counter weight to balance the BB.

Any of the cell phone mic stand holders could work