Michael Franks songs

Three songs from Franks.
Popsicle Toes requires rigid timing for the parts but works well once you get it.
Monkey see, so funky!

Are these still available somwhere ? I can’t seem to find an available download - I just get a message saying unavailable try again later but 2 or 3 days should qualify as later. Thanks


Read the thread but still am not having any luck with the beats under the jazz heading. also it seems as your the person to ask about adding bass to a drum kit thanks.

You need to message @kbass and ask him to re-upload those particular songs that you’re looking for.

What are your questions about adding bass to a drum kit?

Was wondering where to find the pro kit with bass as the pro kit as it stands doesn’t have bass and i don’t see where to download the kit that does. Also, how do I go about sending a message just to kbass ?

A decent substitute for the NP Standard Pro Bass is the NP StdPBass 63-91.

I tagged kbass in the message above but you can message him by clicking on his avatar and selecting Start a Conversation.

Thanks again

I am traveling right now so unable to respond much. When I get home in about a week I will contact you and work this out.

Here are the songs you requested Moman. I am not sure yet how or if this is the way to get them here. Let me know if you need any help with these.
Eggplant.sng (2.2 KB)
Monkey_see.sng (743.4 KB)
Popcicle_toes.sng (2.0 KB)