Micro Sd card

I tried to use a Micro Sd card with an adapter on My BB (all the files on it)
but don’t work? is this normal?

Search function is your forum friend: Best sad card

Seem to be a problem on the adapter. I change it , it’s working but take a while to load a Drumset
The Micro Sdcard is a Lexar 32Go class 10 300x
It was just to try!
I switch back to my Normal Sdcard works faster

Appears to be a hi-speed card for video or photos. Probably not ideal for BB pedal.

It was the card from my smartphone. I just want to try ; but not good enough for the BB
I use a 16Go SDcard Lexar 633x 95 Mbs and this one work perfect.

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I use a micro card I purchased at Walmart and it works fine.