Mid song kit change

It would be really great if more than one kit could be assigned to a song. Maybe have the ability to designate a kit per part. I just posted Miles Davis’ All Blues using my vibraphone kit, but how awesome would it be, if I had a trumpet kit that could be used when the melody is being played, and then switch back to a keyboard kit, either the vibes or a future piano kit when just the accompaniment is going. It would be easy enough to structure the song that way, but could the BB ever handle the kit change?

You know, I was thinking kind of the same thing. However, the pedal would have to change and load the kits back and forth very quickly. Don’t know if that’s presently possible given the state of the processor in the pedal. Maybe a cache that holds queued kits at the ready for a more rapid changeover . . . combine this with aashideacon’s autopilot?