Midi adaptor (Male to Male) needed

I’m looking for a Male to Male midi adaptor. The BeatBuddy cable goes to a Female 5-pin DIN, which is the same gender as is on my Looper (Ditto X4).
I’m currently using a 3ft. male to male cable, which is overkill since my BB sits right next to my Ditto.
I found these Female to Female adaptors on Amazon (https://a.co/d/f77kpbG) but for the life-of-me cannot find a similar Male to Male version.
Any help would be most appreciated.
Peace out

guess i’ll stick with my 3 footer - the shipping on the 1 footer is twice as much as the price of the cable, lol.

Gotta get creative :joy:

Used the part number MID-301BK (from the link above) to look it up on Amazon. You can get it delivered for free from Amazon.