Midi Bluetooth Question on Aeros and MM

Is there a plan to implement Bluetooth midi on the Aeros or/ and the MM? If there is a plan, can you provide approximate timing. Thank you.


Buy a Widi Jack now and stop wishing.

You probably want the low jitter (not low latency) setting.

Hey there,

The MIDI Maestro can already receive and convert the received BLE commands into MIDI which it will send to the out port. However, this is not recommended in general for real-time commands like MIDI clock, as there could be fluctuations read by receiving devices.

The Aeros has yet to have a full test of its capacity as a MIDI converter/ receiver over BLE, but we may look into it soon, we had plans for BLE that did not pan and we may consider other behaviors in the future.

Thanks for the questions!

I was not aware that the MM already had that capability enabled!

So I should be possible to pair the MM with an Airstep midi controller and then send midi commands to the MM from the Airstep. The MM via Midi Thru, will then pass those commands out to the rest of the pedals on my board that I already have hardwired to the MM. Does that sound like it will work?


Potentially, the biggest outlying variable there is if your Airstep has a UI to connect to the MM, the MM does not have any way on the device to start a connection to other devices, it must be connected to by a device with a UI for connecting to BLE devices.

Thanks for the question