midi cable doesen't suite Digitech JAMMAN

I have a Digitech JamMan loop pedal. It only comes with a USB ethernet insert at the back of the unit.
I have just received my cable from BB and I obviously can’t use it until I convert the normal midi cable into the proper plug for me to plug it into the rear of this Digitech Jamman loop pedal.
Question. Are there cables available and where to I purchase these and more importantly …will this work?

I might be wrong, but does the JamMan support MIDI at all? Thought the USB were storage only. Anyway, this box could help you, but my first bet would be to get a pedal that support MIDI from get-go: http://customliveelectronics.com/en/effets-guitare/accessoires-pedales/24-syncman-jamman-volca-monotribe-midi

I think you might be correct

Not every looper has MIDI syncing capabilities. The JamMan doesn’t. If you are looking to get a high quality looper that syncs really well with the BeatBuddy, we recommend:

  1. Pigtronix Infinity
  2. Boomerang III
  3. VoiceLive 3

In True the Digitech Jamman Solo XT (only the XT series, with the sync function) can sync with BeatBuddy.

You Must buy “SyncMan” a homebrew MIDI Adaptor.

With the new firmware update Work fine!!!

Interesting… I wonder if somehow I can add this to my system to store a few loops off of my Boomerang 3. My set up goes like this.
MBB midi master (out) to Boomerang (midi in) Boomerang (Midi out) to Lin 6 M9 Midi in for modulation temo synch.

I would change it like this: MBB midi master (out) to Boomerang (midi in) Boomerang (Midi out) to Lin 6 M9 Midi in for modulation tempo synch (midi out on Line 6 M9) to SYNCH man (midi in) then use the synchman (jamsynch out) to the Digitech Jamman Solo XT. There I would capture and store a few basic loops I make on the RaNG3 that I use regularly? Thoughts? I am not sure if my line 6 M9 can resend a midi signal though- need to research that. This would be cool if it worked.

Ok so I researched this and the M9 will not retransmit midi clock so I would have to introduce a molten midi splitter http://store.moltenvoltage.com/MIDI_Splitty_Molten_PedalBoard_MIDI_Repeater_p/built_008.htm

So at a cost of each of these the synch man + Midi Splitter + the Digitech Jamman Solo XT, each one being about $100.00 it would be like 3 bills to do this. At that price I would probably be better off adding a pigtronix looper instead if I wanted to try to capture recorded loops off my rang. But why keep my boomerang then? But I love my boomerang (the feel and the ability to lay down 4 phrases if needed).

So I think I will just keep my system the way it is unless a new looper technology comes out that has a smaller footprint and can match boomerangs power including midi send and receive capability and of course the ability to store loops.

I know there is controversy over saving loops as compared to laying them down - but in a live perf. Sometimes laying down the loops can make the songs go long with an audience that is actually watching and waiting for a full set list. The songs with bass that have been posted have shown me the power of playing hit songs quickly instead of recording all of those bass parts on the looper.

Maybe there will come a time…: http://evoloop.org/

Just stumbled on this long time ago… But don`t know nothing about. Just sounds fascinating.