MIdi cable replacement?

Unfortunately the midi cable I received was either broken or got bent when I tried to plug it in. Funny thing is I’ve been in IT for 30 years and never saw or broke a ps2 connector.

In any case I tried to look for a cheaper, or sturdiier ps2 to split midi cable even hoped there would be one with the opposite end (female?) instead of hailing to add yet one more cable to them mix. Well I could not find a single ps2 to midi cable anywhere on the net other than at beatbuddy.

Is their candle that special/unique? Weird.

I emailed support so see if they will replace it. Aside from the cost to get another one since the first one did not work, I wonder how long it would take to get the order through considering they are swamped getting the 5000 units in the mail.

Would love to know Iif someone knows where to get the right substitute cable with the opposite ends and a foot,longer.

Nothing Uh?

And no response from the email I sent yet… May just have to order a 2nd cable :frowning:

Have you contacted support? What you need is one of these:
http://www.guitarasylum.com/rocktron-mi … r-cyborgs/

However Beatbuddy manufatured there own as theirs has a right angled plug, and there was nothing like that on the market.

Thank you Psalm40,

I Just heard back and they are sending a replacement. They were glad I sent them a pic which they will forward to the factory.

I did find this right angled mini din 6 plug, bt they seem rare: http://www.pacificcable.com/Picture_Pag … ame=EX6R-2



Looking at picture, that is the wrong cable. That is a right angled midi cable, the beat buddy utilises a PS2 connection so whatever you use has to be PS2 to 5din (midi connection).

My BB breakout cable also brook down though on fixed position on my pedalboard. It appeared that one of the signal cables of the Midi out had poor quality copper wire inside. Thanks to the Wiring scheme on the forum I was able to put on a new midi connector and enjoy the midi connection to my Ditto X4 looper and other gear! Love the firmware upgrade by the way👍

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