Midi Cable - RME Babyface Pro Compatibility

Hi guys - I have ordered a BeatBuddy and foot pedal today. While I’m waiting for it to come I’m trying to work out if the midi cable I have for a RME Babyface Pro is compatible with the Beatbuddy to save me ordering another one! Could someone please tell me if the following cable is compatible? On the surface it looks very similar. It’s a mini din to two normal midi ports.


Here’s a diagram of the cable.

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Sorry but I have no idea if the pin outs of the RME are the same or if there are standards that mean they are both the same. I have looked for a similar RME wiring diagram but I can’t find one.

I guess another question would be is there any risk in seeing if it works? Are there voltages in play?

I managed to find this re: the Babyface Pro Cable. I’m thinking the internal wiring might be different although I’m not sure if the pins are numbered clockwise or anti clockwise in the Beatbuddy diagram… Either way I’m suspecting it’s different???

6-pin Mini-DIN MIDI breakout cable

Pin Name

  1. 1 GND/Shell/MIDI Out (2)
  2. 2 GND/Shell
  3. 3 MIDI In (5, -)
  4. 4 MIDI Out (5, -)
  5. 5 MIDI In (4, +)
  6. 6 MIDI Out (4, +)

I have no idea. I saved that diagram before I bought one. perhaps you could check continuity with a volt ohm meter.

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That’s a clever idea! thank you. Why didn’t I think of that lol. I do that and report back!

I’ve checked a few of the pin outs and it seems to be different. :cry:

Nothing like standardisation in the electronics industry…

Can you draw a wiring diagram for RME MIDI cables?