Midi cable

i got a midi cable like the following (see link) from a friend. My question is can i use it for the bb or is the wireing different to the original bb cable?


This cable looks suitable. You can try it and find out.
No need to worry - even if the cable don’t fit, you won’t damage any device.

I would still buy the original one just to be sure.

thank you. I will try it when i got it. Important is that nothing can happen to the bb device?


That should work, I have one just like it, but by the time I found it I had already ordered the BB version. The only difference is the BB version has a right angled ps2 plug. I got mine so I would be ready for future midi implementation updates.

As MIDI cable is not a power cable and doesn’t hold any electricity, it is absolutely safe to use even an invalid MIDI cable both for the BB and the other MIDI device you want to connect.

The only exception is if you can’t plug the cable :slight_smile: So make sure you plug all connections lightly and accurately to avoid possible physical damage to the cable pins.