Midi CC to go straight to section with no transition (not CC113)/Remove need for CC113, 0 Value

Need: CC113 is great but not all midi controllers can sequence commands to send the 0 value to change sections immediately or the amount of commands is limited meaning having to send 0 if you don’t want transitions.

Solution: Another CC command that follows the same logic as 113 but instead of triggering a transition it will move directly to the song part depending on the value. Value of 127 could move to next section and 126 move to previous section.

This would really help those of us who don’t use the transition function and/or are limited by our midi controller. This would address a lot of the other request for an additional pedal to transition as then any midi capable pedal would be able to seamlessly change between sections.



Agreed. This is the is the single most problematic and awkward MIDI function on BB. It makes no sense. Under what circumstances would anyone dream most users would want to keep repeating the transition before moving onto the next part? If nothing else, the default functionality would be to play it once and go to the next or previous part. Use some other value to direct repeating the transition until a zero is received, but this most certainly should NOT be the default way of operating. It’s not even the default way of operating when you press and hold down the pedal to move to the next part.

Hopefully somebody at Singular Sound is capturing yours and other users’ constructive feedback. It would certainly be nice to see their acknowledgement.

Partial listing of all the posts with CC113. https://forum.singularsound.com/search?q=Cc113

Thanks persist that’s a strong list!

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