Midi CC to inc/dec song (and possibly folder as well)

I see from the midi doc that you can select specific folders and songs within folders but there does not appear to be any way to simply step through songs or folders using some sort of inc/dec CC command.
Currently the only way to step through songs within a folder without bending down to mess with knobs on the pedal is via the foot switches and there’s no way that I can see to step through folders other than using the knobs.
The folder function I can live without as I could ut all my songs into a single folder) but I really need to be able to inc/dec through songs within a folder via midi.
The reason is that I set the tempo via an interface box I built for the Jamman solo XT that sets the bb tempo to whatever the jamman is set to (there’s post/video elsewhere on what I did) but if I switch BB tracks manually or via the foot switches I loose the tempo setting and have to reset it from the Jamman. Not hard but I have to remember to do it.
If I could inc/dec songs via midi from my interface box I could also resend the tempo each time, thus keeping whatever track I select on the BB in tempo with the Jamman.

Ignore above, well for me at least.
I found that I can turn off the default tempo setting under the main pedal settings so that whatever tempo I have set remains set as I scroll through songs. Note to self. RTFM !

Well you got my thinking about setting something up like that. If I can do beat selection through MIDI in SLM that would be easier to scroll through the pre made beats. For times when I just want to jam to standard beats this might be very helpful.

For just scrolling thru songs I think using the foot switch is probably the easiest option. Now that I’ve turned the default tempo setting off, the tempo stays where I set it. Since I don’t really use any set song in the BB for any particular actual song as I am building all this up live for the most part, that works well for me. Basically everything I do is mostly a ‘jam’!

Me too . I like to just play and go off on my own thing