Midi CC116 Drumsets -- large list

Midi access to Drumsets when there are more than 127.

I’m curious if there is any way select a drumset with MIDI CC116 or other commands when you have more than 127 drumsets. Interestingly enough, the BB lets you scroll with the knob on the pedal to all the drumsets no matter how many you have. Also, if you pick a song that has a drumset listed above 127, it’s fine with that too as long as the name matches.

It’s not a HUGE deal, but I have a dropdown on my BB_Buddy UI app that allows you to pick a drumset “on the fly”, it balks at anything above 127 due to the midi CC limitation.


I wonder if BeatBuddy sends data through the MIDI out when changing drumsets manually that you could monitor with a DAW. MSB and LSB or hex data. Just a guess.
or a program such as this: MidiView tutorial. Free MidiMonitor software! - YouTube

That’s a useful tool, I was able to see the message to the BB. I tinkered with sending different messages, but the only way CC116 works is with a single list of values.

unless there’s another way to control the pedal other than midi – I think this is just stuck at 0-127.

I was thinking that you could access the higher number kit with the knob and maybe monitor the output and see if it displayed the magic.

I did watch for any sysex or anything else coming off the BB pedal when a knob select happened. I didn’t see anything.