I use a line 6 Helix to control my BB. When I switch presets on my Helix my tempo on my BB changes to what I want. I also use the tap tempo on my Helix to control my tap tempo on my BB. The problem I have is when I shut everything down and start back up my tap tempo portion does not work but my presets still change my tempo on the BB, I have to go to the settings on my BB and just disable CC117 and than enable CC117 again than it all works till I shut down again. Has anybody had this problem or knows what I’m doing wrong?

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Which version of the firmware are you using? Does this happen with version 1.85?

Here is the latest version of the firmware (1.85): http://mybeatbuddy.com/firmware/

My BB has 1.8.5 not 1.85 is that the same

I’ve been working with the SoftStep 2 to setup start ,stop, drum fill, transition as well as song/folder. I’ve been playing around will tap tempo and I’ve run into the same issue as described here. After powering up the BB I need to disable and then re-enable Tap Tempo (CC-117). Once I do this it works as long as the BB is powered up.

Thank you for the reply. I wish I could say I figured it out. My Beat Buddy just sits on the floor and I use the software to play my drums.

Hi there, I just purchased a BeatBuddy and have firmware 1.8.5 installed and am trying to control tap tempo with a Behringer FCB1010 midi footswitch and have the same problem - I have to disable/enable tap temp in the midi settings of the BeatBuddy for it to accept the tap tempo midi message from the FCB1010. Has anyone or support found a fix for this issue? All other midi control settings seem to be working fine?

Hey Buzz no fix that I seen yet

I am hoping support may chime in on this issue?

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I also have the same issue cc117 does not work until I go into the menu and click on enable every time I start up. I am also on the latest firmware.