MIDI CC42 Value 0 Clear Song Immediately not working

I am setting up my midi pedal to send commands to the loop studio.

MIDI CC42, Value 0 should Clear Song Immediately but nothing happens.

I have verified that that the data is sent from my pedal, and playback is stopped and that the device is on the Loop Studio screen. Other midi commands sent to the looper do function.

What’s up with this, please?


Hey there,

Are you on the latest version 4.0.1? Is the Aeros receiving other MIDI commands? Is the Aeros listening on the same channel the command is being sent?



It’s set to listen to All channels

Also, CC127 does not create a screenshot file on the 32gb, Class 10 SD Card.

For fullness of troubleshooting info this is what my device is sending the Aeros:

(B0=status 176=CC; 7F=CC #127; 7F=value 127)

Thanks to Jay from singular sound tech support for verifying that those commands do work, it was enough to help me solve my prob.

If it’s of interest, the culprit was the device I was sending midi through (Behringer X-Air 12). This device’s midi thru port must suffer from some kind of feature/bug, either sending additional data, or filtering certain data. In any case I switched my routing around to make the Aeros first in the chain, and all works swell now. (I won’t troubleshoot the X-Air device unless other issues come up)

As far the cc127 screenshot, that is also working correctly.



Happy to help!

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