Midi CCs

Does anyone know if Beatbuddy transmits CCs that are inserted on a midi file?

that would be intresting for me, too

BB support can you comment on this? We would love to know.

Not yet. If you have a tempo map, it will set the tempo for the part (but, not yet change tempo in the middle of the part).

I’m experimenting with changing tempos and time signature changes in the middle of a part, and if those work, embedding CC and other types of commands, etc, should be easy. How cool would it be to control your lighting system with your feet? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. That would be so cool. So many applications if this were possible. I love “HOPE” in a product and so far many of my hopes have become a reality. Thanks for your development efforts.

I have Rush songs waiting to be played! :slight_smile:

I just did a bit of a mash up song full of iconic solo’s and riffs and looking forward to the tempo changes. :cool:

Hi did this ever happen?
Or can it read CCs on a file ?
thank Ronny